The majority of our team members from hygienic industry with 10+ years experience. We have a wide range of visions and innovative ideas, which give traditional products a new vitality.

It has been more than 10 years since we have worked in the hygienic industry. As a result of our experience in supply chain management and integration, as well as our knowledge of the worldwide markets, we can provide customers with a wide range of benefits. We help build trust in our customers’ applications by delivering safe products and consistent quality, and we protect that quality throughout our supply chain.

SUNREE, a comprehensive and diversified manufacturer, exporter, sourcing and agent of specialized machines and raw materials for personal care hygiene products and medical products, such as baby diaper, sanitary napkins, adult diaper, underpad, wet wipes, disposable towel, facial mask, wound dressing, fixing tape, adhesive bandage, medical plaster and patch. We have been supplying a wide range of products with extreme care and uncompromised attention to consistent good quality, which is widely recognized by well-known enterprises worldwide.

Expanding the product outreach and offering services to wider customers, we strengthen the supply chain and collaborate closely with the sister companies and multi-national enterprises, from the strictest material selection processes right through to highly efficient and quality packaging, our products adhere to the highest internationally recognized standards, and strictly for the rules and regulations and customers’ demands.

We are committed to exceeding customer expectations, ceaselessly conducting innovations, and raising the quality of products and services. We pride itself in providing superior and innovative products alongside a commitment to excellent quality and punctuality with deliveries.

Our passion lies in helping start-ups grow from “Zero to One” in personal hygiene products, wet wipes, household tissue and medical products business. Achievements speak only for the past, to maintain its momentum of growth, we will stay unstopped.